Warmup to Listing of the Berkshire Hathaway of Green Energy! J&V Energy Diversifies Expansion into Green Energy, Showcasing Impressive Results on Valentine’s Day

Solar Energy
J&V Energy (6869), the leading brand in integrated services for renewable energy in Taiwan, has successfully completed the process for its listing on the TWSE Taiwan Innovation Board, and held a pre-IPO results presentation on February 14. The company’s business portfolio includes photovoltaic energy, offshore wind power, energy storage projects, electricity sales platforms, water treatment projects, and biomass energy. The company has also integrated upstream and downstream players in the renewable energy industry, providing comprehensive services and actively forming partnerships with international partners to create synergies through its Stronger Together, Win-Win for All strategy. After being listed on the TPEx Emerging Stock Board in January 2022, the company is scheduled to transfer to the Taiwan Innovation Board of the Taiwan Stock Exchange in March this year, aiming to become the Berkshire Hathaway of the green energy industry.
According to Chao Shu-Min, president of J&V Energy, “Renewable energy is a capital-intensive industry, and we follow in the footsteps of Berkshire Hathaway by leveraging our strengths and forming alliances with outstanding partners from various fields. We operate in the green energy industry with a unique ‘heavy asset, agile and lightweight’ innovative model, which allows for more flexibility in investment strategies and capital utilization.” By harnessing its experience in mergers and acquisitions and foreign investment collaborations, J&V Energy adheres to global green energy trends and continues to expand its diversified portfolio of renewable energy sources, while agilely providing services in renewable energy integration and power sales planning, aiming to expand its presence in the green energy sector.
With a capital of NT$1.127 billion, the consolidated revenue of J&V Energy for H1 2022 reached NT$1.96 billion, seeing an 844% YoY increase from NT$208 million in the same period last year. J&V Energy’s operating profit of NT$298 million for its core business in H1 2022 surpassed the full year of 2021 (NT$234 million) and increased 27% from the previous year. Consolidated revenue for the year 2022 was NT$6.3 billion, a record high, and the company's operating results and profitability both registered impressive results. According to expert analysis, the projected earnings per share for the full year are set to reach NT$4.
Looking ahead to this year, significant breakthroughs are expected across various business segments, with energy storage, photovoltaic, and water treatment being the three major drivers of revenue growth. In addition to completing the 108MW grid integration for the 128MW fishery and electricity symbiosis project in Beimen, Tainan, which is expected to be fully integrated into the grid this year, there are plans to establish three of the largest individual projects in Taiwan (100MW each). The projects are scheduled to be completed in 2023 and 2024, with a combined capacity of 300MW, accounting for 30% of Taiwan’s energy storage capacity target for 2025. The total project costs are estimated to exceed NT$10 billion.
In the water treatment business, after J&V Energy acquired Weisheng Envirotech in 2021, the amount of tenders won has increased greatly. The company has also participated in the planning of green environmental engineering projects such as energy storage and green power. It is expected that from 2023 to 2024, the second phase of the Zhubei Water Resource Center Project, the Taipei City Sewerage Project, and the Taoyuan International Airport West Sewage Treatment Project will be completed one after another. The total amount of completed tenders is projected to reach NT$3.7 billion.
In terms of its international ambitions, J&V Energy aims to harness its extensive development and investment experience along with its excellent engagement skills to collaborate with partners and expand into overseas markets, showcasing Taiwan’s green energy talent, capabilities, and technologies on the international stage.