Offshore Wind Energy
J&V Energy has its roots in the solar industry. In 2020, we invested in Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology and formed the Offshore Wind Energy Taiwan Team in 2021 with capable domestic developers and suppliers to officially enter the offshore wind energy industry and accumulate wind farm development capacity through the implementation of domestic talent, capital, and technology. Looking forward, the Taiwan Team will expand from Taiwan and develop excellent wind farms for other nations to increase Taiwan's visibility in international markets.
Formosa 4, Formosa 5 wind farms
Formosa 4 (Hai Sheng) and Formosa 5 (Hai Shuo) are approximately 18 to 20 kilometers off the coast of Miaoli and will have a future joint device capacity of 3 GW (originally planned for 4.4 GW, temporarily prioritizing development of 3 GW) in potential scale. It is expected that they will satisfy the electricity needs of up to 3 million households. These two wind farms are expected to enter the phase three zonal development and are currently awaiting to pass environmental impact assessments and receive government permits. These projects will hopefully bring breakthroughs and opportunities for local development and manufacturing in the future; once completed, the projects will symbolize a new milestone in the engineering development of domestic offshore wind farms.
Taiwan Team Members
Huan Yang Offshore Wind Farm
Jointly developed by J&V Energy and Taiya Renewable Energy, the wind farm is located off the coast of Changhua County and spans an area of approximately 53 square kilometers at depths of 15-45 meters, at about 7 kilometers from the shore. The project aims to install wind turbine units with device capacities between 9.5-14MW in the wind farm, and a maximum total installed capacity of 440MW; subsea cables are planned to follow the southern corridor for landing in compliance with Taiwan Power Company's "Changhua Common Cable Corridors for Offshore Wind Power Subsea Cables," before going through an onshore substation and integrating with the Yungxing Switch Station.
Strategic investments
Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology
In 2020, J&V Energy invested in Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology, which became a key player in the offshore wind energy Taiwan Team in 2021. Tien Li is a domestic supplier of Taiwan's offshore wind energy industry and Taiwan's sole manufacturer of MW grade wind turbine blades; the company's blades have passed certification by the world's 2nd largest wind turbine systems supplier—Vestas. The partnership with Vestas makes Tien Li Asia's (excluding the Chinese market) only supplier of offshore wind turbine blades.
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