J&V Energy Makes Debut Listing on Taiwan Innovation Board on March 14, Emerges as Rising Star in Green Energy Industry

Solar Energy
J&V Energy (6869), the leading brand in integrated services for renewable energy in Taiwan, was officially listed on the TWSE Taiwan Innovation Board on March 14 at a subscription price of NT$96 per share. The company celebrated the occasion by inviting superstar basketball player Dwight “Superman” Howard from its professional Taoyuan Leopards basketball team to showcase his basketball skills onstage. With a 100% shooting percentage, the performance symbolized the soaring of the company’s stock price and 100% profitability for its investments. Furthermore, J&V Energy reported an impressive annual consolidated revenue growth of 192% for 2022, which is expected to create a surge of market interest in renewable energy investments.
With a capital of NT$1.127 billion, the revenue of J&V Energy revenue has been growing year after year since its establishment in 2016. For the FY 2022, consolidated revenue was NT$6.3 billion, a YoY increase of 192%, and net income attributable to the parent company was NT$454 million, an annual increase of 101%, with both revenue and profitability reaching record highs. Moreover, earnings per share were NT$4.03, and the board of directors resolved to distribute a cash dividend of NT$2.06 per share, a cash dividend payout ratio of 51%.
According to Lai Chin-Lin, chairperson of J&V Energy, with environmental awareness and protection gradually forming a global consensus, Taiwan, as an integral part of the global industry chain, must keep up with international trends and actively develop compelling applications for renewable energy. J&V Energy is at the forefront of this global trend, having practiced ESG principles since its inception. Moving forward, the company will continue to assist the government in accelerating the development of renewable energy, not only in Taiwan but also in Southeast Asia, while collaborating with partners to embrace the global green energy trend. Furthermore, J&V Energy will continue to contribute to society through various philanthropic efforts, just as it does through its diversified business operations. This will not only foster solidarity, enhance the company’s image and presence, but also empower the company to strive for new heights.
In an era of soaring global demand for green energy, as a pioneering player in the green energy sector, J&V Energy is fully harnessing its innovative strategies, rich expertise in development and investment, and excellent engagement skills. The company has joined hands with its partners to create an “asset-heavy, agile and lightweight” business model, similar to Berkshire Hathaway’s diversified business approach, and strengthen the company’s green energy portfolio. As a result, J&V Energy is expected to continue to enhance its revenue performance and leave a lasting impact on the industry.