J&V Energy Attends 13th Taiwan CEO Week, Lauded for Berkshire Hathaway-Inspired Investment Model

Solar Energy
J&V Energy (6869), the provider of integrated services for renewable energy, was recently invited to participate in the 13th Taiwan CEO Week organized by QIC, an independent Taiwan-based capital market advisory firm. The event took place in Singapore and was attended by J&V Energy Vice President Tan Yu-Xuan and Spokesperson Zhang Jian-Wei. This year’s Taiwan CEO Week, led by QIC Founder and CEO Alex Lee and Chief Strategist Peter Kurz, focused on Taiwan’s new economy industries, including new energy, software, and biotechnology. Thirty Taiwanese companies representing various sectors of the new economy were invited to attend. During the event, J&V Energy shared its investment and acquisition strategies with overseas institutional investors, highlighting its Stronger Together, Win-Win for All approach . The company also shared its plans to expand into overseas renewable energy markets and promote the TWSE Taiwan Innovation Board.
QIC also invited J&V Energy Spokesperson Zhang Jian-Wei to share the company’s unique investment strategy at the Taiwan New Economy Luncheon. Zhang pointed out, “We aim to continue acquiring or investing in outstanding companies from different sectors and collaborating through complementing each other’s strengths. We seek to attract leaders from various fields to join us and vertically integrate the renewable energy industry. While the renewable energy industry requires substantial capital investments, we leverage joint ventures or asset sales to flexibly utilize funds and develop various projects. Through long-term development, we are confident we can generate stable operational income for sustained growth.”
In the solar energy sector, J&V Energy has partnered with BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, to invest in solar energy projects for two consecutive years. The company has also ventured into the wind energy sector by investing in Tienli, a manufacturer of offshore wind turbine blades, as well as forming the Offshore Wind Power Taiwan Team (Taiwan Team). Furthermore, the company has expanded into various sectors such as energy storage, water treatment, biomass energy, and power sales platforms, with the complementary investment strategy yielding fruitful returns in recent years. With contracts spanning the allocation of a wind farm capacity of 495MW for the Taiwan Team, the current development of energy storage project sites with a total capacity of over 300MW, or the sales of green energy to customers including heavyweight global companies such as Micron Technology and Gogoro, J&V Energy has to date signed green energy supply contracts amounting to 800 million kWh of green electricity, positioning the company in a leading position in Taiwan’s market.
After the United Nations announced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), sustainable business practices have become an essential element in corporate planning. Since its establishment, J&V Energy has incorporated green energy and sustainable practices into its corporate DNA. The company actively develops diversified renewable energy projects to meet the diverse applications of the green energy market and aims to become a group that comprehensively provides integrated services for renewable energy. J&V Energy was listed on the Taiwan Innovation Board of the Taiwan Stock Exchange in March this year, and based on its unique operational model, it continues to expand its presence in the green energy sector, garnering the attention of investors at the Taiwan CEO Week this year.