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Dividend Policy

The dividend policy stipulated in the Company’s Articles of Incorporation.
Any net profit in the annual final accounts shall be used by the Company to pay taxes and offset the cumulative losses, and then 10% of the balance thereafter shall be set aside as a legal reserve, and appropriate or reverse the special reserve in accordance with the law. For the remaining net profit, along with the unappropriated earnings in the preceding years, the board of directors shall propose a plan to distribute the dividends to shareholders and submitted to the shareholders’ meeting for approval.

The dividend policy of the Company is to distribute dividends appropriately in accordance with its current and future development plans, taking into account the investment environment, capital requirements and domestic and international competition, as well as the interests of shareholders. The total amount of dividends to be distributed from earnings each year shall not be less than 10% of the distributable earnings for that year, and the dividends shall be distributed in cash or in shares, of which the percentage of cash dividends shall not be less than 10% of the total dividends, provided that if the Company has significant investment plans and no other funds are available, the board of directors may, upon approval of the shareholders' meeting, withhold the payment of cash dividends.

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